A Great Commission Atmosphere, Awareness, and Activity


As you can see by the timestamp, on April 30, 2014, God impressed on me this little jewel that we need to reclaim.

What does a Great Commission atmosphere look like? It’s a culture that screams “go” and “send.” If you’re not going, you’re sending. A atmosphere of this nature understands that once a service is over, they are not dismissed, they are sent and go into their Monday-through-Saturday mission field.

Awareness? Having this atmosphere and culture developed in every aspect brings about a palpable awareness of Christ’s commission as a command.  We see that the Great Commission is our ambition because it is our mission. This awareness is needed because, for so many, it’s about a personal relationship with Jesus, and that relationship stays just that–personal. When we are saved, we no longer have a personal relationship, but a missional relationship. Are you aware of that?  Be aware!  “Go, and make disciples!”

Activity. Serving Jesus, telling others about Jesus, going for Jesus, sending others in the name of Jesus–this takes us from being missions-minded to missions-active. “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses…” (Acts 1:8). The activity brings anxiety at times because we may fear someone will ask us about our walk with Jesus, fear that we may say the gospel correctly, fear we may not have answers to their questions, fear they may reject us. We must trust that God will give us the boldness and the passion to let our relationship with Christ be the overflow of our lives.

This summer, we will spend the entire time on a Tell Someone Summer.  Or we may call it a Triple-A Summer (based on the three A’s outlined above). Either way–putting this before your people is critical for the sake of your people and your community.


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