What’s Up Wednesday: “In Translating the New Testament, I Did My Duty”

We must never forget William Tyndale (1494-1536), the man God used to translate the New Testament into English. We take it so for granted that we have a copy of the Scriptures in our language. Then we realize that there are people groups who do not have a copy in their language.

Tyndale translated the NT at the risk of his own life. In fact he lost his life by strangling, then was burned at the stake. The ink and blood that was spilled for this task… please remember.

Hear his own words:

Some man will ask, peradventure, Why I take the labour to make this work, inasmuch as they will burn it, seeing they burnt the gospel? I answer, In burning the New Testament they did none other thing than that I looked for, no more shall they do if they burn me also, if it be God’s will it shall be so. Nevertheless, in translating the New Testament I did my duty, and so do I now, and will do as much more as God hath ordained me to do. And as I offered that to all men to correct it, whosoever could, even so I do this. Whosoever, therefore, readeth this, compare it unto the Scripture. If God’s word bear record unto it, and thou feelest in thine heart that it is so, be of good comfort, and give God thanks. If God’s word condemn it, then hold it accursed, and so do all other doctrines: as Paul counselleth his Galatians:—Believe not every spirit suddenly, but judge them by the word of God, which is the trial of all doctrine, and lasteth for ever. Amen.

[Quote from Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice by David Teems. Only $3.99 on Kindle.]


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