Are We Hopeful, Joyful Disciples of Jesus… in Restaurants after Church?

On Facebook, someone posted this screenshot from a fellow named Ethan, whose livelihood is “a server.”

Lest you believe he overstates this, this is a common feeling among those who

Let’s change this, church! Let’s make it to when those who have just heard about God’s love and how we are to love our neighbor–actually, you know, do that! Here are some pro-tips:

  1. Smile.
  2. When the server introduces his name, you do the same. There! You have a relationship.
  3. Look them in the eye when ordering.
  4. When they bring the food, say, “We are getting ready to thank God for our meal. How can we pray for you?”
  5. If they do something really well, encourage them.
  6. If the meal is great, let them know and complement the chef.
  7. Tip well–Sundays are hard, and, like this fellow says, there is now a stigma thanks to “church people.” (Sadly, someone once said that they tipped low because, and I quote, “they should have been in church!” Come on! You went to the restaurant! And they are doing their job!) Tip nothing lower that 25%.
  8. Leave a note thanking them!

Let’s make Ethan’s experience a thing of the past. We want to have a break after church regarding fixing a meal, right? Well, let’s give the wait staff a break by living what we were just taught in church: love your neighbor as yourself!


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