You Think the Rockies are Immovable?: Good Morning Devo for 10.14.2021

October 14 (JPG)

Good morning! We live near the Rocky Mountains. As we drive out of our church and turn left on Arapahoe Road, we see Mount Evans with an elevation of 14,265′. The daily sight is as imposing as anything else you’ll see. In our flesh, we could not imagine anything else being any more immovable.

Those mountains and hills may disappear, but God reminds us of something else more imposable and immovable: his covenant love. Isaiah 54 follows a chapter outlining the attributes and actions of the Suffering Servant. God worked his covenant love and faithfulness through His Son who is Faithful and True (Revelation 19:11). The temptation is to believe that God’s faithfulness only exists as long as our circumstances are going smoothly, for when our circumstances are problematic–well, that seems more immovable.

Trust in God’s promises regarding His nature and work. Lean on His promises. Trust in His grace. Even now! Right now! The empty cross and the empty tomb show the veracity of this reality.


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