Two Great Gifts to Give Your Children

Here are two great gifts you can give your children.  And both springboard from the understanding of how Jesus is enough.

  1. Model how Christ is enough in your individual lives.  In how we speak to each other, how we act to each other, and how we think about each other, always bring forth how Christ is sufficient in all things.  Money may be in abundance or not, you may not have the house you want, social media may seek to lure you away, relationships inside and outside your home may struggle, and your job may stink. Yet we as Christians live in the hope of Christ’s salvation (John 10:27-29), His working holiness in us (1 Peter 1:13-21), and His call to serve Him by obeying the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).We as parents often forget that we are the primary faith-formers in our children’s lives.  Not the church, and not even friends, but parents.  We can bring our children to church for a couple of hours each week, but if we don’t demonstrate that Jesus is enough Monday through Saturday, that speaks more than our church attendance on Sunday.  We need each to fuel the other.  Sunday worship gives us fuel for Monday through Saturday, and the issues that take place Monday through Saturday fuel our need to come to church and gain understanding on how to live as if Jesus is enough Monday through Saturday. (You follow me?)Parents, don’t hand off your responsibility for teaching your children about Christ to someone else.  Take the lead, and let the church help.
  2. Parents, demonstrate how much you love each other in front of your children. God brought my wife and me together and I know she’s the  right one for me (all I have to do is look at my marriage license).  I exhibit Jesus being enough by loving the One with whom He joined me (Matthew 19:2-6).

    My parents would always hug and give each other a peck on the lips in the kitchen.  As a teenager, I thought it was exceedingly gross. But what I didn’t realize was the security it gave me seeing the affection my parents had for each other. With friends’ parents divorcing all around me in college (a lot of divorces happen when the nest becomes empty), I grew to appreciate these little acts of love that they shared with each other in front of me. That’s helped them stay together for almost 61 years.And, yes, my wife and I share these appropriate moments.  Three of my children roll their eyes, but one of my children smiles and walks away.  When I asked her why, she said, “So many of my friends’ parents are breaking up, and I just see how sad they become. It’s nice seeing you and mom really loving each other–and liking each other.”Mind you, marriage is hard work.  Every day. Yet, being genuinely intentional by showing during the day that you and your spouse authentically love each other strengthens the bonds of marriage, yes, but also sets a secure foundation for your children as well.  They see that staying together is possible, and that biblical, genuine affection can last through the varying chapters of life.


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